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3-lead CONTACT Package Usage
(Revision A, 8 pages)

... 3-lead CONTACT Package Usage [APPLICATION NOTE] Atmel-8977A- CryptoAuth-3 ... of the adhesive used, and the relevant application notes of the ...

Keeps the traffic between the CryptoAuthentication device and microcontroller encrypted to prevent snooping on the bus during personalization or system operation. The encrypted read and encrypted wr...


Authentication Counting
(Revision A, 8 pages)

... Notes: 1. Step 1: Consume one UseFlag bit. ... Authentication Counting [APPLICATION NOTE] Atmel-8863A-CryptoAuth-Authentication-Counting ...

The purpose of this document is to help the user gain a better understanding of how to use the Atmel ATSHA204A, ATECC108A, and ATECC508A devices with the Saleae Logic Analyzer.

Data and OTP Zone CRC calculation for the ATSHA204A, ATECC108A, and ATECC508A devices.

Provides the details required to integrate an Atmel ATECC CryptoAuthentication device and the AT88CKECCSIGNER Module Kit into a third party certificate chain.

Covers how to get started and incorporate into an application, general design and use patterns, and the integration details required if CryptoAuthLib is to be ported into a hardware platform not curre...


... 8. It should also be noted that the ... Surface Mount Packages [APPLICATION NOTE] Atmel-8826B ... Amkor Technologies Application Notes for Surface ...

Explanation on how to generate high-quality random secrets using the ATSHA204A, ATECC108A, and ATECC508A devices and Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio (ACES).

Describes how a transport key allows for secure programming of the ATSHA204A, ATECC108A, and ATECC508A devices without the third party programming company having access to the value of the Data zone....

Page 1. APPLICATION NOTE ... Note: The even bytes are LSBytes – it holds bits 0:7, while the odd bytes are MSBytes — it holds bits 8:15. ...

... Atmel web site includes various other application notes and source ... Using the Atmel ATSHA204 for Secure Password Operations Application Note ...

Application note explains the all-in-one project example which demonstrates the various stages of the node authentication sequence using public key asymmetric techniques of the Atmel CryptoAuthenticat...


Detailed level explanation of secure boot with Atmel ATSHA204.


Secure Boot Simplified
(Revision A, 4 pages)

High level explanation of secure boot with Atmel ATSHA204.

(42 KB)

High Level Security Models
(Revision A, 11 pages)

... Application Note ... This document and all the application notes, white papers, and datasheets for the ... It should be noted that a replay attack on a ...

... lication Note: 929-8563A CryptoAuthentication Product Uses ... For application software, application notes and datash . Figure 13. ...


ATSHA204 Command Sequences
(Revision A, 21 pages)

... In this application note, the Client is considered the entity which ... See application notes, “Atmel ATSHA204 Personalization Guide” and “How to ...


ATSHA204 Authentication Modes
(Revision B, 11 pages)

General application of the ATSHA204 device for Fixed Challenge Authentication, Unique Challenge Authentication, Random Challenge Authentication, and Diversified Key Authentication.


ATSHA204 Product Uses
(Revision A, 12 pages)

Use case examples which provide brief descriptions of the possible ATSHA204 CryptoAuthentication applications and how these applications can be implemented.

Factory default configuration values for the Configuration and Data/OTP zones specific to ATSHA204.


ACES Overview
(Revision A, 5 pages)

This Application Note provides an overview of the Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio (ACES) package

This Application Note describes how to upgrade the firmware in the following kits: Atmel AT88Microbase, AT30TK175STK, AT88CK101STK8, AT88CK201STK, AT88SC-ADK2, AT88CK490, and AT88CK490.

ATECC108A and ATECC508A preset factory configuration.


Migrating AT88SA102S to ATSHA204
(Revision A, 5 pages)

... Migrating AT88SA102S to ATSHA204 [APPLICATION NOTE] Atmel–8864A– CryptoAuth ... Byte Count AT88SA102S ATSHA204 Example Bytes Notes ...

How CryptoAuthentication devices establish a root of trust from which systems can generate session encryption keys at one end and recover them at the other without actually transmitting the keys.


Unique Keys for ATSHA204
(Revision A, 18 pages)

... Application Note Unique Keys for ATSHA204 ... Note: This calculation cryptographically combines the Root Key and the Device Serial Number. ...

This Application note introduces the Proximetry cloud based Atmel Smart Plug.It explains how to get the firmware code from Atmel Start, the source project structure and the APIs of Proximetry Cloud Ag...

This application note aims to help readers to get started with the Atmel? smart plug reference design working with the JD smart cloud, including both Engilsh and Chinese version.

This application note helps users to get started with the Atmel smart plug reference design kit - a highly integrated IoT solution featuring MCU, Wi-Fi, Security, and Sensing technology from Atmel. ...


ATECC508A Public Key Validation
(Revision A, 10 pages)

Discusses the handling of public keys for which the validation function is intended and PubInfo is set to one, the operation after the Data zone is locked, and describes the command sequences in terms...

Page 1. Application Brief Analyzing Strength of Security The world is full of examples of bad security. Developers of systems ...

(Software: file size: 5.5MB, revision B, updated: 04/2016)This document introduces the Atmel smart plug reference design kit firmware architecture, function blocks, source project structure, and...


The Atmel Smart Plug Reference Design provides a system solution for a Wi-Fi enabled power plug. This document describes the hardware design of the smart plug reference design.


This document provides readers with an overview of the Atmel AT88SA100S CryptoAuthentication™ IC. It describe how the AT88SA100S features will provide a solution to prevent counterfeiters from produci...

This document focuses on smart plug firmware design based on JD smart cloud, provided by JD, a Chinese retail giant. It explains the smart plug functions, firmware structure, and communication process...


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