The ZigBee RF4CE standard enhances the IEEE 802.15.4 standard by providing a simple networking layer and standard application profiles to create multi-vendor, interoperable consumer electronics.

The RF4Control stack provides an API aligned to the RF4CE network primitives. It can be used from an application or via firmware. For example, it supports the public ZigBee Remote Controls (ZRC) profile as specified by the ZigBee Alliance, which is included in the RF4Control software download.

RF4Control supports the standards-compliant 2.4GHz band with the same functionality and features for the 900MHz band using AT86RF212.


  • Multiple star topology with inter-PAN communication
  • Discovery and pairing mechanism with full application confirmation
  • Security key generation and exchange mechanism
  • Utilizes the industry standard AES-128/CCM security scheme
  • Incorporates a power management mechanism for all device classes
  • Channel agility
  • Supports public and manufacturer application profiles


RF4Control - ZigBee RF4CE
RF4Control - ZigBee RF4CE
(28MB, 更新日 2012年, 8月)
Version 1.4.0
RF4Control - ZigBee RF4CE
RF4Control - ZigBee RF4CE
(18MB, 更新日 2011年, 9月)
Version 1.3.0