Integrated C/C++ Compiler

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Integrated C/C++ Compiler

Atmel® Studio 7 includes the GCC C and C++ compiler, assembler and a simulator, and interfaces seamlessly with in-system debuggers and programmers to make code development easier. Atmel AVR® and Atmel® | SMART ARM®-based microcontrollers are also supported by third-party compilers, including IAR Embedded Workbench and Keil MDK-ARM.


Atmel Studio 7 Editor

Key Capabilities:

New Project Wizard

Starting a new project is easy in Atmel Studio 7. The New Project Wizard sets up all the compiler and linker settings, letting you jump straight to writing code. Create a blank project, or select from nearly 1,600 project examples.

Integrated Editor with Visual Assist

The Atmel Studio 7 editor simplifies code editing and lets you code more efficiently. Type a few letters of a symbol, and Atmel Studio 7 will display a list of suggestions. Type a shortcut to expand frequently used snippets of code. Instantly view the context and definition of a symbol just by clicking on it. Hover over symbols while browsing code to see related information. Get the information you need without hunting for it.

Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer presents an organized view of all your projects and their files, and gives you simple access to the commands that apply to them. You can easily create applications containing multiple microcontrollers and develop the code for all of them within the same solution.