Atmel Studio 6.2: Released for Production

Atmel Studio 6 - The Studio to Design All Embedded Systems

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More than 1,600 ready-
to-use project examples.


What’s New in Atmel Studio 6.2

Atmel introduces the latest Xplained Mini development kit, an easy-to-use development board with extensive examples.

Develop and Debug Atmel applications in a single, integrated environment with Atmel-ICE

Studio 6.2 support for the new Atmel-ICE probe provides advanced programming and debugs connectivity for Atmel ARM- and AVR-based MCUs, including the ability to capture data trace information

Accelerate Your Time to Market with Percepio Trace™

Gain insight into the run-time of embedded software with trace visualization. Percepio Trace for Atmel Studio features

  • Control-flow trace (tasks and interrupts)
  • Custom data plots
  • Application debug output
  • Statistical code profiling
  • Support for viewing MCU event counters
  • Real-time operating system (RTOS) awareness

Atmel® Studio 6 is the integrated development platform (IDP) for developing and debugging Atmel ARM® Cortex®-M and Atmel AVR® microcontroller (MCU) based applications. The Atmel Studio 6 IDP gives you a seamless and easy-to-use environment to write, build and debug your applications written in C/C++ or assembly code.

Atmel Studio 6 is free of charge and is integrated with the Atmel Software Framework (ASF)—a large library of free source code with 1,600 ARM and AVR project examples. ASF strengthens the IDP by providing, in the same environment, access to ready-to-use code that minimizes much of the low-level design required for projects. Use the IDP for our wide variety of AVR and ARM Cortex-M processor-based MCUs, including our broadened portfolio of Atmel SAM3 ARM Cortex-M3 and M4 Flash devices.

Atmel Studio 6.2 is now available, adding advanced debugging features such as Data and Interrupt Trace, improved RTOS integration, and better ability to debug code that has been optimized.

With the introduction of Atmel Gallery and Atmel Spaces, Atmel Studio 6 further simplifies embedded MCU designs to reduce development time and cost. Atmel Gallery is an online apps store for development tools and embedded software. Atmel Spaces is a cloud-based collaborative development workspace allowing you to host software and hardware projects targeting Atmel MCUs.

In summary, standard integrated development environments (IDEs) are suited for creating new software for an MCU project. By contrast, the Atmel Studio 6 IDP also:

  • Facilitates reuse of existing software and, by doing so, enables design differentiation.
  • Supports the product development process with easy access to integrated tools and software extensions through Atmel Gallery.
  • Reduces time to market by providing advanced features, an extensible software eco-system, and powerful debug integration.
Atmel Studio 6.0 Download

Software Libraries and Device Support

The Atmel Software Framework is a collection of production-ready source code such as drivers, communication stacks, graphic services and touch functionality. Tap into 1,600 project examples with source code to accelerate development of new applications.


Atmel Gallery

Atmel Gallery

You can now download and securely purchase both Atmel and third-party compilers, advanced debugging tools, real-time operating systems, communication systems and other extensions and plug-ins straight from the Atmel Studio 6 development platform and via The Atmel Gallery app store provides development tools and embedded software for MCU-based application design.

When you encounter a need for a tool in the midst of your development process, or are seeking some basic source code, you won't have to leave your environment to search for your solution. From Atmel Gallery, you can also download a plug-in that will give you direct access to Atmel Spaces, our new collaborative workspace.


Atmel Spaces Collaborative Workspace

Atmel Spaces

With embedded applications easily topping tens of thousands of lines of code—often written by designers dispersed around the globe—efficient collaboration is critical for a project's success. Atmel Spaces provides a cloud-based workspace where you can securely share and track open-source, community-developed embedded design projects with your peers.

With access control, version control, bug and feature trackers, mailing lists and wikis, Atmel Spaces provides a secure and efficient place for sharing design tips, tricks and resources and for tracking progress of projects with your peers.

You can access Atmel Spaces at or directly from Atmel Studio with an extension available in Atmel Gallery.


QTouch Composer - Fully Integrated

The Atmel QTouch® Composer, formerly called QTouch Studio, is fully integrated in Atmel Studio 6, so you can easily and seamlessly develop capacitive touch functionality for your application. This simplifies the design process by tying together the tools required to edit the code in Atmel Studio 6 and tune the touch design in QTouch Composer.

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Editor and C/C++ Compiler

Atmel Studio 6 includes a powerful editor with visual assist, a GNU C/C++ Compiler and a New Project Wizard to jump-start as well as ease your application code development.

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Debugging and Simulation

Atmel Studio 6 connects seamlessly to all Atmel debuggers, programmers and the simulators for both ARM and AVR devices. The IDE presents MCU status in nicely formatted views, giving you fast access to critical system parameters.

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