Atmel maXTouch 112E

The Atmel maXTouch mXT112E mutual capacitance touchscreen controller is suitable for use in a wide range of devices ranging digital cameras to personal navigation devices and feature phones. The highly responsive IC can interpret up to four touches on the touchscreen whilst avoiding the "ghosting" problems of self-capacitance solutions.

Its advanced noise processing algorithms make it immune to LCD noise, enabling true single-layer sensors. So touchscreens can be thinner and lighter, with improved optical performance.

With advanced touch processing, the device can ignore unintentional touches caused by a gripping hand, while correctly interpreting light touches. For high precision operation, the device also includes algorithms to identify and track a narrow stylus input.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Single layer touchscreen constructions, including on-cell designs
  • Compatible with a wide range of displays
  • Seamless multi-touch performance for up to 4 touches
  • Suitable for touchscreens from 2" to 5" diagonal in a range of aspect ratios
  • 12 bit x 12 bit touch position reporting
  • Highly responsive, with report rate of up to 250Hz
  • Industry leading current consumption
  • Noise rejection to enable reliable operation in presence of charger noise
  • Reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures
  • Moisture tolerant

Package Options

  • ATMXT112E-MAH - 5mm x 5mm x 0.6mm QFN