Tiny Chip. Huge Possibilities

The Atmel® maXTouch™ mXT768E mutual capacitance touchscreen controller represents a significant milestone in the tablet revolution. While the first generation of tablets utilized multiple chips to scan the touchscreen, the mXT768E offers a true single-chip 32-bit solution for tablets up to 12-inches in a 6mm x 6mm package. This remarkable innovation enables an 80% reduction in power consumption compared to competing solutions, as well as space savings that enable sleeker industrial design.

Despite its small size, the mXT768E packs a powerful punch. It features the new Atmel maXTouch E Series capacitive touch engine, which supports higher fidelity touch sensing, faster responsiveness, lower power consumption, and a broader choice of displays and touch sensor configurations. Advanced touch processing—enabled by its powerful Atmel AVR® 32-bit core—allows the mXT768E to ignore unintentional touches caused by a gripping hand or resting palm, while correctly interpreting up to sixteen concurrent touches. For high-precision operation, the device also includes algorithms to identify and track a narrow stylus input.

Key Features

  • Seamless multi-touch performance for up to sixteen touches
  • Electrode grid configurations of up to 24 X and 32 Y lines (768 channels)
  • Suitable for touchscreens of up to 12” in diagonal and a range of aspect ratios
  • Support for mutual capacitance and self capacitance sensing
  • 12 bit x 12 bit touch position reporting
  • Highly responsive, with report rate of 150Hz
  • Industry-leading current consumption
  • Narrow stylus identification and tracking
  • Sophisticated touch processing, including grip and palm suppression
  • Noise rejection to enable reliable operation in presence of charger noise
  • Compatible with a wide range of displays
  • Single-layer touchscreen constructions enabled, including on-cell designs
  • Reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures
  • Moisture tolerant

Package Options

  • ATMXT768E-CU - 6mm x 6mm x 1.0mm 96-ball VFBGA, RoHS compliant