Charger Noise

Overcome Charger Noise

maXCharger Technology enables you to deliver flawless touch performance in your mobile products, regardless of the charger your customer uses. This technology is a novel blend of analog circuitry and intelligent algorithms that work together to provide:

  • A high level of responsiveness
  • Low jitter
  • No false touches

Deliver Highly Responsive Touch Experience

Key maXCharger Technology capabilities:

High voltage drive

The voltage level of the test pulses used to sense finger location has increased from 2.7V in previous-generation maXTouch families up to the equivalent of 24V. The resulting increase in signal levels combined with other enhancements counters increased charger noise levels. Since mXT336S and mXT224S can generate a higher drive voltage level internally, you get a simplified system design.

Spike suppression

maXTouch S Series controllers suppress charger noise spikes at the source, preventing false touch detection and high contact jitter. Charger noise won't be confused with signals from your customers' fingers.

Active noise avoidance

maXTouch S Series controllers continuously monitor the environment for noise levels, and automatically change their sensing behavior to avoid frequency bands with high noise levels. This capability requires no dedicated listening channels or other non-standard system modifications.