maXTouch S Series Devices

maXTouch S Series Chip 


With 3,432 nodes, the mXT3432S provides a touchscreen controller for high-performance Ultrabooks up to 14.1" and notebooks up to 17.3" and certified for Windows® 8 and Android® operating systems.



With 1,664 nodes, the mXT1664S provides a single-chip device for high-performance tablets with screen sizes of 10" and above, with support for Windows 8, as well as touchscreen-based products up to 17" diagonal running other operating systems. The mXF1664S is a touchscreen controller with sensor hub functionality for tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks up to 13", as well as for convertible laptops.



With 1,188 nodes, the single-chip, high noise immunity mXT1188S provides optimized performance for tablets ranging from 7" to 10" and running the Windows 8 and Android operating systems. The mXF1188S provides sensor hub functionality to similar touch-based mobile devices.



With 540 nodes, the mXT540S provides optimal performance for Windows 8- and Android-based smartphones, superphones and tablets up to 7".



With 336 nodes, the mXT336S provides the ultimate interface for superphones with screen sizes up to 5.5".



With 224 nodes, the mXT224S opens you up to new design innovations for screen sizes from 3.5" to 4.3".


With 112 nodes, the mXT112S delivers a smartphone-like interface to not only feature phones but also products such as game consoles, digital still cameras and global positioning systems (GPS) with screen sizes up to 3.5".