Design Sleeker Products with Thinner Sensors

Our thinner sensors overcome extreme display noise through a combination of hardware and firmware innovations. They eliminate false touches and contact jitter in systems with real-world display noise upwards of 3.5V. And, the feature shrinks the sensor stack to just three layers, so you can create thinner, lighter mobile products with brighter, more vivid displays.

Say Goodbye to Noise

Key technology capabilities of our thinner sensors:

Intelligent Sampling

The controller automatically detects the electrical characteristics of the touch sensor panel, and adapts its sampling sequence accordingly. The result? The controller captures the highest amount of signal with the least amount of noise.

Noise Cancellation

The controllers detect and profile common noise components coupled from the display, subtracting them from the touch signals—all with existing touch sensor electrodes. You'll see a 30X increase in signal-to-noise ratio with real-world shieldless touch sensors.

Extended Measurement Range

Enhanced analog circuitry plus the ability to measure an extended range of signal values means you can:

  • Maintain system linearity during spikes of noise
  • Measure larger signals generated from ultra-thin sensors
Hardware Acceleration

Several critical digital signal processing (DSP) functions are implemented in optimized hardware blocks, instead of firmware. This enhances performance and lowers power consumption, so your customers can enjoy a flawlessly responsive touch experience and increased battery life.

Get to Market Faster

With our thinner sensors, maXTouch S Series controllers work flawlessly with ultra-thin shieldless touch sensors, including touch-on-lens technology and on-cell constructions. From a design cycle standpoint, this feature enables faster time to market because it works without:

  • Synchronization to the display
  • Dedicated listening channels
  • Firmware development