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How much better would your designs be if power consumption was no longer a concern? Find out today with the SAM4L family of ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor-based microcontrollers (MCUs), which consume just one-third the power of competing solutions.

SAM4L MCUs redefine the power benchmark, delivering the lowest power in both active (90µA/MHz) and sleep modes (1.5µA with full random access memory (RAM) retention and 700nA in back-up mode). They are the most efficient MCUs available today, achieving up to 28 CoreMark™/mA using the IAR Embedded Workbench, version 6.40. In SAM4L MCUs, you also get the industry's shortest wake-up time at 1.5µs from deep-sleep mode. Just what you need for portable and battery-powered consumer, industrial and medical applications.

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Bringing Atmel picoPower Technology to the ARM Platform

The SAM4L family integrates Atmel's proprietary picoPower® technology which ensures that devices are developed from the ground up—from transistor design to clocking options—to consume as little power as possible. Fast wakeup and innovative power-saving features reduce the overall consumption even further. In addition, Atmel's SleepWalking technology allows the peripherals to make intelligent decisions and wake up the system upon qualifying events at the peripheral level. It's all about system intelligence and conserving energy. Simply put, the SAM4L MCU is your choice if you're looking for long battery life, without sacrificing performance.



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