SAM Cortex

Building on 16 years of innovation in ARM®-based microcontrollers (MCUs), the Atmel® SAM4 family features:

  • High-performance Cortex™-M4 Flash MCUs
    • Operating frequencies up to 150MHz
    • Digital signal processing capability with optional floating point unit (FPU)
    • High-speed communication including HS USB
  • Industry-leading functionality
    • Atmel QTouch® Library support
    • Extensive peripheral set for connectivity, control and analog
  • Unparalleled system-level integration
    • HS USB with on-chip transceiver
    • On-die termination resistors
  • Extended and enhanced memory capabilities
    • Up to 2MB of Flash and 192KB of SRAM
    • Dual-bank Flash option for safe software updates
    • Best-in-class hardware code protection

We continue to push the boundaries of performance, power consumption and memory density to meet your application needs.


Target Applications


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Atmel Cortex-M Family

The Atmel SAM4S16, the first member of our SAM4 family, operates at a maximum speed of 120MHz and features 1MB of Flash, 128KB of SRAM and a full peripheral set. Energy-efficient, the SAM4S16 achieves 200uA/MHz in dynamic mode at low operating frequency and below 25uA in wait mode (RAM retention). Software and pin compatibility ensure seamless migration between the SAM4S16 and members of the Atmel SAM7S, SAM3S and SAM3N series. Get details on the SAM4S16.