Versatility Drives Innovation. Cortex SAM A5 MPUs with 720p VIdeo Decoder and Advanced Security


Atmel | SMART SAMA5 ARM Cortex-A5 MPUs

The Next Benchmark in Versatility

ARM Cortex-A5

As you push the boundaries of performance and power, you also want your underlying design technology to be both easy to use and secure. Wouldn't it be great if you had a portfolio of embedded microprocessor units (MPUs)—from a trusted vendor—offering an optimal mix of features and functions at the right price? Atmel® | SMART™ ARM® Cortex®-A5 processor-based MPUs deliver that balance in a rich set of devices that meet your every industrial design need.

Operating at 850DMIPS with low power consumption, the SAMA5 ARM Cortex-A5 based MPU is ideal for high-performance, low-power and cost-sensitive industrial applications. These characteristics make it the perfect choice for control panels, smart grid devices and bar code scanners—anything that needs high levels of connectivity, enhanced user interfaces, robust security, or battery operation.

SAMA5 devices are supported by a rich third-party ecosystem, including software solution providers, memory suppliers, low-cost power management ICs and SOM makers.


Key Highlights*

High Performance

High Performance

Designed to complement the power of the ARM Cortex-A5 core, the SAMA5 family includes devices that deliver up to 850DMIPS while consuming less than 150mW.

  • 1.58 DMIPS/MHz ARM Cortex-A5 core
  • Up to 536MHz maximum operating frequency (850DMIPS)
  • 64-bit internal bus architecture and 32-bit DDR interface
  • Neon and floating-point unit (FPU) for high-precision computing and accelerated data processing
  • ARM Cortex-A5 FPU offers three times the performance of the ARM Cortex-A8 FPU
  • L2 cache for improved overall system performance
Low Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

SAMA5 devices use innovative techniques to push down power consumption in all modes, and can achieve:

  • Less than 150mW in active mode at 536MHz with all peripherals activated
  • Less than 0.5mW in low-power mode with SRAM and registers retention and less than 0.5ms wake-up time. About 1.2µA consumption in backup mode with RTC (real-time clock) running
  • Ideal for battery-operated systems


SAMA5 devices embed a wide range of advanced communication peripherals, making them ideal for bridges or gateways.

  • Ethernet MAC and Gigabit Ethernet MAC with IEEE1588, dual CAN ports
  • Three high-speed USB ports that you can configure as three host or two host and one device port
  • Several SDIO/SD/MMC ports, UARTs, SPIs, TWIs, soft modem, CMOS image sensor interface, ADC, 32-bit timers and more. Refer to the Device Overview tab for more details
Enhanced User Interfaces

Enhanced User Interfaces

The SAMA5 MPU lets you create the sleek and smooth user interfaces required by today’s applications.

  • Graphic LCD controller with overlays for image composition, integrating features such as alpha blending, scaling, color conversion, and rotation
  • 720p Hardware Video Decoder for accelerated video playback supporting today’s mainstream video standard
  • Resistive touchscreen interface
  • CMOS image sensor interface
  • 2x SSC (synchronous serial channel) interfaces


The SAMA5 family includes features to prevent cloning, ensure the authenticity, and secure the communications and data storage of your application.

  • Secure boot
  • Hardware encryption engines such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES), RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) and ECC (Elliptic Curves Cryptography), as well as Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • On the fly encryption/decryption of code from external DDR memories
  • Pin tamper detection to protect the system against physical intrusion
  • Secure storage of keys and data
  • ARM Trust Zone to partition system, peripherals and memory resources to isolate security-critical software from an open environment OS


The SAMA5 family includes functions that ease the implementation of safety standards like IEC61508.

  • Main crystal oscillator clock feature failure detector
  • Power-On Reset
  • Independent watchdog timer
  • Register write protection
  • Memory Management Unit (MMU) that allows the setup of zone protection inside memory
  • ICM (Integrity Check Monitor) based on SHA to verify the integrity of memory content
  • Arm Trust Zone
Low System Cost

Low System Cost

With its high level of system integration, the SAMA5 provides maximum flexibility, while minimizing the need for expensive additional components.

  • 0.8mm ball pitch package enables simple and low-cost PCB design
  • Minimum power scheme that requires chip-discrete power supply or low-cost PMIC
  • Three high-speed USB ports save the cost of an external hub
  • Impedance control on DDR (dual data rate) memory lines save external resistors
  • Embedded RTC saves an external component
  • Integrated soft modem solution saves the cost of an external modem device

Please refer to device table for detail product feature list