Touch has revolutionized the way we interface with our electronic gadgets. Simply put, it's easier than ever to quickly browse through applications and access a wide variety of content.

However, when it comes to content creation—such as entering text, note-taking and drawing—most people would rather use a pen for its precision, familiarity and comfort. This is what the Atmel® maXStylus® active stylus offers: a high-quality user experience to interact with touchscreens in devices such as tablets, smartphones, eReaders and notebooks.


maXStylus mXTS100 for Handsets and Tablets

Atmel® maXStylus™The maXStylus mXTS100 provides advanced active stylus capability for touchscreen controllers based on Atmel's maXTouch® E Series and future maXTouch technologies. This union simplifies touch system hardware and software while providing a state-of-the-art, inexpensive touch and stylus solution.

A single indium tin oxide (ITO) sensor interfaces with the maXTouch controller to detect finger touches and stylus proximity, simplifying the hardware for your application and lowering system costs. Through the system driver, the system host controller interfaces with the maXTouch chipset for touch and stylus data.


Key Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
multiSense Functionality - Simultaneous Touch and Stylus Operation
  • Use Touch While Writing with Stylus to Zoom, Scroll, Erase, Turn the Page and Perform Other Advanced Gestures
  • Rotate, Move and Zoom into 3D Drawings and Images
Excellent Palm Rejection
  • Write Comfortably with Palm Resting on the Touchscreen Without Erroneous Touches
Ultra-Small Tip Diameter of 1mm with Accuracy of
+/- 0.25mm
  • Clearly See What You Are Touching
  • Imitate the Precision of a Real Pen Tip
Fast Frame Rate of 140Hz
  • Capture Complete Writes for Accurate Writing Recognition
  • Capture Taps, Double Taps and Other Fast Gestures
High Resolution
  • Work with Small Font Sizes
  • Easily Write Asian Characters
  • Capture Minute Artistic Moves of the Stylus
Pressure Sensing
  • Capture Pressure Profile of Written Text
  • Create Stunning Drawings
Use Single ITO Sensor for Touch and Stylus
  • Simplify System Design
  • Lower Total Solution Cost
Stylus Technology Supported for Tablets and Handsets
  • Increase Stylus Utilization Across Your Product Lines
  • Use the Same Stylus Across Various Devices
  • Simplify the Stylus Offerings