Atmel MCUs — the Best of Both 8- and 32-Bit Worlds


Why pick Atmel to power your next design? As a global leader in embedded processing, Atmel offers a broad portfolio of 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). More than 300,000 designers worldwide use these MCUs to create a world of innovations—from new products like a tiny portable glucose meter to wafer thin wearables to a cool quadricopter drone that you control with a smartphone.

Whether your design requires ultra low power or the enhanced processing power and features required to enable a touch interface, there is an Atmel MCU ideally suited to your application. Atmel® AVR® and Atmel® | SMART devices deliver the performance, flexibility and ease-of-use your design needs. And supporting it all is a complete ecosystem of world-class partners and advanced tools including free software and the Atmel Studio integrated development environment.


Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

AVR Chip

Architected for ease-of-use, low power consumption, and a high level of integration, Atmel AVR 8-bit MCUs are THE choice for more applications worldwide than any other embedded products. Optimized to reduce time-to-market, they are based on the industry's most code-efficient architecture for C and assembly programming. No other microcontroller delivers more computing performance with better power efficiency. In fact, AVR microcontrollers perform close to 1 MIPS per MHz.
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Atmel | SMART Microcontrollers


Combining industry-leading performance and power efficiency,
Atmel | SMART ARM®-based MCUs build on decades of innovation and industry firsts—including the first on-chip Flash memory. They range from entry-level devices to highly integrated Flash-based products with extensive connectivity, enhanced interfaces, and ironclad security. These advanced ARM-based MCUs set a new benchmark for flexibility and ease-of-use, and are designed to optimize system control, and user interface management. And in the increasingly vital design criteria of power consumption, this Atmel family includes the world’s lowest-power MCU.
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Atmel Ecosystem


Each successive product generation typically requires more software but engineers must continue to maintain quality and development schedules despite these more complex devices. Atmel provides free development software and easy-to-use evaluation kits to help streamline the design process. With Atmel® Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), designers have access to advanced code editing features, project examples, an integrated embedded software platform, and powerful debug integration capabilities. Atmel Studio provides full support for all Atmel MCUs, so you won't have to switch between different IDEs when developing with different Atmel devices. Atmel also works with an ecosystem of partners worldwide to provide additional hardware, development tools, RTOS, middleware and software solutions to deliver an easy-to-use integrated development platform to help you move quickly from prototype to production.
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