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Today’s engineers work with exciting challenges every day. These application design hurdles can range from powering graphics for human-machine interfaces to ensuring connectivity with the Internet. Many handheld and wearable devices also require extremely low power consumption. Atmel addresses these challenges with a complete portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) that deliver ease-of-use, low power, and a high level of integration.

These 8- and 32-bit devices deliver a rich blend of proven technology and groundbreaking innovation, making them ideal for a new generation of smart and secure connected products. The wide range of MCUs available is also one of many reasons to pick Atmel for your designs, because you can find just the right mix of power, efficiency and cost. Better still, the large, code-compatible families let you easily and cost-effectively reuse your knowledge when improving your products and expanding to new markets.

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High Performance

As consumer products become increasingly complex and include more advanced features like touch interfaces and wireless connectivity, the need for performance is growing. In many cases the design foundation of Atmel MCUs makes them inherently more efficient, such as the single-cycle execution in AVR MCUs that relies on an instruction set originally built and optimized for C-code versus one optimized for assembly language.

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Low Power Consumption

Atmel leads the industry in delivering low-power embedded solutions, including the world’s lowest-power 32-bit MCU. This efficiency comes not only from more efficient core architecture and factors such as smaller program size but also a number of Atmel power-saving innovations.

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Ease of Use

Atmel MCUs offer advantages such as compatible source code and an ecosystem that includes free software along with an integrated development environment, which connects seamlessly to Atmel debuggers, development kits and very-low-cost yet full-featured evaluation boards. Atmel devices also deliver a number of innovations to enhance ease of use, provide the maximum flexibility, while minimizing the need for expensive additional components to reduce overall design costs.

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Atmel MCUs embed a wide range of advanced communication peripherals and functions, making them ideal for a variety of connected applications. Atmel MCUs seamlessly integrate RF and Wi-Fi providing superior connectivity and making them the perfect choice for today’s smart, connected products, including products in the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) market.


Atmel AVR 8-bit Devices

AVR Chip

With ease-of-use, low power consumption, and a high level of integration in mind, Atmel® AVR® microcontrollers deliver a unique combination of performance, power efficiency and design flexibility.

  • tinyAVR® - Optimized for applications that require performance, power efficiency, and ease-of-use in a small package.
  • megaAVR® - Widest selection of 8-bit devices in terms of memory, pin-count, and peripheral support.
  • XMEGA® - Best combination of real-time performance, high integration and low power consumption.

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Atmel | SMART 32-bit Devices


The Atmel® ǀ SMART ARM®-based family of MCUs combine high performance and energy efficiency with optimized architecture and advanced peripheral sets. The SAM D family of ARM Cortex®-M0+-based MCUs set new benchmarks for flexibility, ease-of-use, and energy-efficiency.

  • SAM D10 - The smallest member of the SAM D family in terms of memory, pin count, and features. Compatible with the SAM D11, SAMD20, and SAM D21.
  • SAM D11 - Compatible with the SAM D10, SAM D20, and SAM D21. Includes full-speed USB not available on the SAM D10.
  • SAM D20 - Offers a rich set of peripherals, flexibility, and ease-of-use with low power consumption.
  • SAM D21 - Upwards compatible from the SAM D20 and adding features such as full-speed USB, DMA, high-end timers/counters.

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