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Atmel Is #1 in Parallel EEPROMs Worldwide

Atmel is the world's leading manufacturer of parallel EEPROM devices. Parallel EEPROMs enables stored data to be updated byte-by-byte or by full sector, providing design flexibility. The parallel interface devices offer high-programming endurance and data retention, as well as faster read times than serial Interface protocols. Atmel provides a complete selection of densities (64-Kbit to 4-Mbit), operating voltages, and device packages. Atmel's Battery Voltage™ (2.7V), low voltage (3V), and 5V devices are used extensively across a broad spectrum of products, including telecommunications, avionics, and military applications.

Key Features

  • Save on components — The devices are accessed like a static RAM for the read or write cycle, without the need for external components.
  • Monolithic EEPROM — Atmel offers the only 4-Mbit monolithic parallel EEPROM (AT28C010) for use in military and commercial avionics applications.
  • Extra features — The devices offer extra features that include internal error correction, an optional software data protection mechanism, and space for device identification.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Byte-alterable memory

High-endurance and high-reliability

Parallel access
Direct code execution and high-reliability data storage applications such as telecommunications, avionics, military, etc.

Page buffer for page writes

Software data protection

64-Kbit to 4-Mbit

2.7V and 5V versions

PDIP, PLCC, SOIC and TSOP packages