Atmel’s innovative Single-Wire devices provide the lowest pin count non-volatile memory solution available on the market. Only two pins are needed to access these devices: SI/O and GND. The SI/O signal is a combination data and power line, providing power to the device with a parasitic power scheme during the high time of the protocol sequence. The devices have ultra-high write endurance capabilities, allowing for greater than 1,000,000 write cycles to each and every memory location to meet the needs of today’s high write endurance applications. The Single-Wire family of products makes an ideal solution to implement a simple product identification with a plug-and-play, 64-bit, unique Serial Number included in every device. Having ESD tolerance to IEC 61000-4-2, this SI/O line can be directly accessed from outside the application. Application examples include analog sensor calibration and storage data, ink and toner print cartridge identification, and management of after-market consumables.


1Kb Single-Wire Serial EEPROM with a 64-bit serial number