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The Atmel Aerospace ASIC offering is enriched with new libraries each time the latest generation technology is introduced. As an example, the ninth generation of Aerospace ASIC technologies, the ATC18RHA series, is a standard cells library characterized on the Atmel CMOS 0.18µm technology. Combined with these libraries are multiple options for embedding dedicated blocks, and a large choice of complex hermetic packages. A MPW (Multi Project Wafer) service allows the users to lower the NRE.


Rad-Hard 0.18-µm CMOS Cell-Based ASIC for Space Use

Rad-Tolerant 350K Used Gates 0.5-µm CMOS Sea of Gates

Rad-Hard 190K Used Gates 0.5-µm CMOS Sea of Gates

Rad-Hard 1.6M Used Gates 0.35-µm CMOS Sea of Gates / Embedded Array