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Superior touch sensing technology with advanced touch module

The Atmel Peripheral Touch Controller is a capacitive touch sense module that support autonomous sensing of 1 to 256 channels. The PTC supports both self and mutual capacitance sensor layouts in the same application, which provide great flexibility for the system designer. Due to the autonomous operation. The PTC uses very little CPU resources and power, even for high key count designs. With built in automatic tuning and calibration the PTC will provide high quality of touch performance even under harsh environments. This makes MCUs with PTC ideal for any touch application. Atmel Studio supports code development and debugging. MCUs with PTC is the obvious choice for any application with strict requirements for integration and touch performance. The PTC is available on select SMART ARM devices.

Key Features

  • Supports buttons, sliders, wheels and touch surfaces — Up to 256 touch channels depending on package
  • Supports mutual and self-capacitive touch, even at the same time no external components needed
  • Self-calibrating, no tuning needed
  • Autonomous operation for low CPU load
  • Very low power consumption
  • Excellent conducted immunity (CI) for operation in harsh environments


8-bit picoPower AVR Microcontroller, 32KB Flash, 32-pin



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