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Atmel maXTouch U Series Touchscreen Controllers

Experience Touch Like Never Before

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Re-engineering the Touchscreen Experience for Smartphones, Tablets and a Host of Displays

Building on 15 years of touch innovation, Atmel® maXTouch® technology delivers next-generation controller capabilities for touchscreen applications. These include both superior performance and low power consumption. maXTouch controllers enable touch interfaces that identify, qualify and track the user’s contacts with exceptional precision and sensitivity. Additionally, with maXTouch unlimited touch, users enjoy a sophisticated interface that is smart enough to ignore unintended touches. All of this enables unmatched touch interfaces that are intuitive, flexible, reliable and battery-friendly.

Atmel touchscreen chips are small enough to fit the most compact mobile devices yet powerful enough to accommodate the larger screens on products such as digital tablets and Windows 8.x compliant notebooks and Ultrabooks.

Key Features

  • Unlimited touch — This unique maXTouch capability enables advanced functions invoked by simultaneous multiple touches, while helping to avoid false touches. The maXTouch T and U Series feature a dual architecture and in a single-chip touchscreen controller for Windows 8.x certified notebooks and Intel Ultrabooks up to 15.6 inches.
  • Passive Stylus — Both the U and T Series support 1.0 mm passive stylus, enabling users to interact with their mobile devices via finger tips, finger nails, a ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and a variety of stylus accessories.
  • Active stylus — With a high-performance 1mm tip, the Atmel maXStylus® active stylus offers the convenience of pen-like operations on the touchscreen.
  • Ski Glove — The latest U series devices support up to 5.0 mm thick glove touch operation, making the use of smartphones in cold outdoor environments a lot friendlier than ever before.
  • Hover — The T series with 20 mm finger hover supports simple gesture inputs without the need of touching the touchscreen, and the latest U series devices can support even higher hover height of 25-30mm. Hover adds a new dimension of user interactions for touchscreen users.
  • Fast response — High scan rates enable devices to follow virtually any motion, supporting demanding applications.
  • Exacting precision — An advanced, low-noise front end and numerous sensor nodes make the screen more precise and sensitive to contact.
  • Unparalleled flexibility — The chips can be easily configured to suit a broad array of applications and screen sizes.
  • Low power consumption — maXTouch ICs "sleep" after scans to conserve power and extend battery life.
  • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) — Enables maXTouch devices to integrate capacitive Buttons, Sliders and Wheels into the same controller, eliminating the need to use touchscreen nodes (X/Y lines) for this functionality.
  • Small footprint — Chips are suitable for the smallest devices and require few external components, which lowers system costs.
  • Robust operation — Environmental resilience and excellent noise suppression increase reliability and usability.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters

Dual architecture

Up to 16 touches

Fast response time

Smart processing

Native FLM support

Windows 8.x and Intel Ultrabook™ compliant

Touchscreens up to 23"

Touch technology

112 to 3432 nodes

8/16-bit or 32-bit microcontroller technology

Up to 3X enhanced performance

Up to 6X lower power

Lower cost, easier design through single-chip solution

Use advanced touch gestures with simultaneous touch and stylus operation on touchscreens.

Clearly see what is being touched with 1mm stylus tip.

Write naturally with excellent palm rejection support.

Tablets and handsets with touchscreens up to 13.3"
maXStylus active stylus touch functionality

Frame rate up to 140Hz

High resolution of 600ppi

Pressure sensing

Button functionality

Two Touch

High-performance interface microcontroller that provides single- and dual-touch gestures for intuitive user interfaces

Touch keypads with buttons and sliders

Touch technology

Up to 48 individually configurable keys

Single Touch

Easy-to-use touchscreen microcontroller solution for single-layer sensor implementations

Single-touch capacitive touchscreens

Touch technology

Up to 16 node I2C interface

Single layer, shieldless sensor

Up to 16 touches

Gloved operation

Embedded gestures

Center stacks

Navigation systems

Radio HMI

Entertainment HMI

Touch technology

Screen sizes up to 10"

Up to 768 nodes

150Hz touch response

I2C interface