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Atmel® maXStylus® offers a high-performance active stylus solution for handsets and tablets. Unlike a passive stylus, a maXStylus active stylus works with a narrow tip of 1mm while offering high resolution and accuracy of +/-0.25mm for accurate navigation and a precise writing experience. The maXStylus family also provides:

  • Advanced gesturing
  • Palm rejection
  • Pressure sensing capability up to 1024 pressure levels to enhance writing/drawing experiences.

Traditional solutions today require two separate sensors to enable both stylus and finger touch functionality. With the multiSense functionality in Atmel maXStylus solutions, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can use just one sensor to implement both a stylus and touch simultaneously. This simplifies system design and reduces overall system cost. The new family also reduces the overall time-to-market for adding touch and stylus features to a design using award-winning maXTouch™ technology.


Windows 10 OS support and HCK certified, Android OS support, screen sizes 6” to 15.6”