Secure, Sensitive, Low Power Identification Devices

For 100-150 kHz contactless read-write RF identification systems, Atmel offers a broad range of RFID devices, delivered as die on wafer, die in tray, die on tape, micromodule or complete transponder in plastic package. Our RFID read-write devices with different security levels (OTP, unique ID, password and/ or authentication) are flexible, easy to design-in and well- matched. Applications include access control, animal ID (ISO11784/85), manufacturing and logistics.

100-150 kHz
RFID ICsSensor ICs
 ATA5558 ATA5570
 ATA5577 ATA5567
 e5530 T5552
 e5561 T5557
 T5554Transponder Interface
 T5557 U3280M
Transponders U9280M-H
 TK5530Reader ICs
 TK5551 U2270B
13.56 MHz
 Click here for HF 13.56 MHz Secure RFID: CryptoRF