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Drivers make demanding customers for automotive manufacturers, so automotive electronics is a demanding application arena. Atmel® helps you meet industry challenge with its market-leading designs that encompass a wide range of products, from body electronics, networking and access systems, to engine, lighting and entertainment components.

Our innovative, dedicated qualified automotive products are designed to fit small footprints, consume very little power, and operate in high temperature and electromagnetic environments. Our highly integrated designs can save you significant component costs and months of development, integration, and prototype time.

To help you meet the growing and diverse needs of the automotive OEM industry, our broad product portfolio ranges from low-cost, entry level devices to advanced, highly integrated ICs with a broad range of functionalities, extensive connectivity, refined interfaces, and strong security. Our products are designed in state-of-the-art BCDMOS, BDC-on-SOI, or non-volatile CMOS technologies, and meet strict automotive qualification standards.

You can rely on Atmel with about 30 years of design experience and expertise in the automotive field. You can also rely on us to support you with extensive demonstration and evaluation kits, reference boards, software, detailed documentation, and our expert staff of application engineers.

  • Automotive Microcontrollers — Our wide range of cost-effective, top-quality products with fully functional design kits support your designs, whether they are large, complex electronic systems for automotive safety or body control, or smaller, independent applications.
  • Automotive Serial EEPROMs

    We offer a complete line of automotive temperature grade Serial EEPROMs supporting I2C, SPI and Microwire protocols. These products are ideal for high-speed designs in robust and noisy environments.

  • Automotive Touch

    The maXTouch family — known for its superior performance and rich feature set — is the leading touch technology for automotive applications, such as touchscreens and touchpads (supporting 2 inches up to 17 inches in diameter) used in center stack displays, navigation systems, radio human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and rear-seat entertainment systems.

  • Broadcast Radio — Backed by more than 30 years’ experience in designing broadcast radio solutions, as well as support for industry standards (ISO9001 and ISO16949), our solutions are ideal for the quality and performance requirements of the car radio market.
  • CAN/VAN Networking — Controller Area Network (CAN) networking is widely used in electronic architectures for today’s modern vehicles. Atmel® offers a wide range of solutions for CAN networking, including AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers and transceivers ready to go with data-rates up to 5MBit/s supporting the new CAN Flexible Data-rate standard (CAN FD).
  • Car Access — Our devices support access applications including remote keyless entry (RKE) and passive entry/go (PEG) systems, so you can deliver the convenience as well as security that drivers expect.
  • Drivers/High-Temperature ICs — With our devices, you can meet the stringent requirements of "under the hood" systems. We understand that high temperatures, strong mechanical vibration and fluctuating electromagnetic fields require products based on decades of good architecture, meticulous manufacturing and robust testing.
  • LIN Networking — Our devices support the low-cost local interconnect networking (LIN) systems that are used throughout automobiles for comfort, powertrain, sensor and actuator applications.