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Clear, High Fidelity Sound

Atmel has over 30 years’ experience in designing broadcast radio solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and support for and industry standards (ISO9001 and ISO16949) make our solutions ideal for the quality and performance requirements of the car radio market.

Key Features

  • High integration level — Atmel antenna ICs include an automatic gain control, supply voltage regulator with overvoltage protection, and an antenna sensor in a 3 x 3mm footprint.
  • Excellent RF performance — Atmel antennas deliver crystal-clear reception without distortion even under extremely difficult and rapidly fluctuating field strength conditions typically found in moving antenna systems.
  • Antenna deployment flexibility — Atmel's antenna devices can be used in pole, shark fin, short pole or glass/window locations, and are designed to accommodate increasingly complex global automotive manufacturing requirements and ever smaller locations.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Broad operating frequency range of up to 790MHz, and cover regional broadcast systems, including DMB in Korea, DVB-T in Europe and U.S. and ISDB-T in Japan. Industry's best noise performance and excellent linearity behavior



High Dynamic Range Adjustable FM amplifier