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Controller Area Network (CAN) networking is widely used in electronic architectures for today’s modern vehicles. Atmel® offers a wide range of solutions for CAN networking, including AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers and transceivers. Atmel Flash-based microcontrollers are compliant with V2.0A and V2.0B of the CAN protocol, and offer flexible in-system programming capabilities.

Atmel also offers a variety of Vehicle Area Network (VAN)-compliant controllers.

Key Features

  • In-system programming (ISP) — Using a simple three-wire SPI interface to communicate with the AVR microcontroller, you can program and reprogram all non-volatile memories on the chip. ISP eliminates the need to remove the chip from the system, saving you time and money during development and when updating software or parameters in the field.
  • Standards-based — Atmel in-vehicle network components are fully compliant with strict automotive networking standards for safety, reliability such as CAN protocol V2.0A/V2.0B standard and the VAN ISO Standard 11519-3.
  • Valuable debug tools — On-chip JTAG debug provides non-intrusive, full access to CAN device registers, peripherals and code execution. Combined with Atmel JTAGICE mkII and the AVR Studio® software, designers can take complete control of the internal resources of the microcontroller, simplifying debug and speeding time to market.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Independent message objects handling

Flexible In-system programming (ISP)
Vehicle electronics communication

 CAN V2.0A/V2.0B-compliant




JTAG debug
Low and high speed CAN controllers
Vehicle electronics communication

ISO 11898

High-voltage Bus Protection

2-wire interface

Hardware Fault Recognition
VAN datalink controllers
Interconnect anti-lock brake systems, dashboard, and power train controls and interconnect car body electronics such as lights, wipers, and power windows.

ISO 11519-3

0.5 micron

Serial interface

Up to 16 inputs-outputs