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Cost optimization in critical for today’s automotive manufacturing. To help control expenses, developers must employ advanced, standards-based electronic circuits. Atmel offers a variety of controllers that are compliant with the Vehicle Area Network (VAN) standard.

Atmel VAN Controllers allow the transfer of all the status information needed in a car or truck over a single low-cost wire pair, thereby, minimizing the electrical wire usage. They can be used to interconnect powerful functions (ABS, dashboard, power train control) and to control and interface car body electronics (lights, wipers, power window, etc.).

These controllers are manufactured using 0.5 micron CMOS technology. They are fully compliant with the ISO standard 11519-3. This standard supports a wide range of applications such as low-cost remote control switches, typically used for lamp control; complex, highly-autonomous, distributed systems like engine controls, which require fast, secure data transfers.

Features include:

  • Fully compliant to VAN specification ISO/11519.3
  • Handles all specified module and message types
  • Handles retransmission of frames on contention and errors


VAN Data Link Controller 0.8-µm Technology

VAN Data Link Controller

VAN Data Link Controller

VAN Data Link Controller with Serial Interface

VAN Data Link Controller with Serial Interface

VAN Peripheral Circuit with 16 Inputs-Outputs