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ATA5279/ATA5279C Complete

(file size: 1,183 KB, 37 pages, revision P, updated: 05/2014)

Six-fold LF Antenna Driver IC


ATA5291 Summary

(file size: 193 KB, 6 pages, revision A, updated: 11/2015)

4 expandable to 8 fold LF Antenna Driver & Immobilizer base-station


ATA5723C/ATA5724C/ATA5728C Complete

(file size: 1,654 KB, 44 pages, revision E, updated: 03/2016)

Highly Integrated UHF Remote Control Receiver


ATA5745C/ATA5746C Complete

(file size: 1,500 KB, 42 pages, revision C, updated: 10/2014)

Transparent Receiver IC 433MHz for RKE/TPMS Transparent ASK/FSK UHF Receiver IC with Fast RKE/TPMS Switching Rate, Suited to 1 to 20Kbits/s Manchester FSK with 4 Programmable Bit-rate Ranges, High FSK Sensitivity (-114dBm at 2.4Kbits/s), High Blocking Capability


ATA5749/ATA5749C Complete

(file size: 863 KB, 26 pages, revision J, updated: 07/2015)

Fractional-N PLL Transmitter IC


ATA5771C/ATA5773C/ATA5774C Complete

(file size: 6,342 KB, 190 pages, revision J, updated: 10/2014)

Complete Key-fob IC, Including an AVR Microcontroller and an RF Transmitter PLL in One Single IC Package


ATA5780N Summary

(file size: 503 KB, 17 pages, revision E, updated: 06/2013)

Highly integrated RF receiver IC with maximum sensitvity and very low power consumption for car access and TPMS systems (5x5mm QFN32 package)


ATA5781/ATA5782/ATA5783 Summary

(file size: 674 KB, 20 pages, revision G, updated: 07/2015)

Low-power RF Receiver for RKE, PEG, RS and TPMS Systems


ATA5795C Summary

(file size: 374 KB, 8 pages, revision E, updated: 11/2014)

Embedded AVR Microcontroller Including RF Transmitter and Immobilizer LF Functionality for Remote Keyless Entry


ATA5823/ATA5824 Complete

(file size: 2,865 KB, 82 pages, revision G, updated: 01/2015)

UHF Transceiver for ASK and FSK Systems, Full Duplex


ATA5830/ATA5830N Summary

(file size: 788 KB, 24 pages, revision F, updated: 06/2013)

UHF ASK/FSK Transceiver


ATA5831/ATA5832/ATA5833 Summary

(file size: 860 KB, 24 pages, revision F, updated: 07/2015)

RF transceiver for RKE, PEG, RS and TPMS systems


T5750C Complete

(file size: 596 KB, 13 pages, revision I, updated: 09/2015)

UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter, Frequency Range: 868 to 928 MHz, High Output Power


T5753C Complete

(file size: 595 KB, 13 pages, revision M, updated: 09/2015)

UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter, Frequency Range: 310 to 330 MHz, High Output Power


T5754C Complete

(file size: 592 KB, 13 pages, revision L, updated: 09/2015)

UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter, Frequency Range: 429 to 439 MHz, High Output Power


ATA5756/ATA5757 Complete

(file size: 857 KB, 19 pages, revision M, updated: 09/2015)

UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter IC with Integrated FSK Application, Frequency Range: 313 to 317 MHz (432 to 448 MHz), 6 dBm, <1 ms Settling Time, High XTO1 Impedance for Crystal Oscillator Start-up