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Redefining Safety and Convenience

Remote keyless entry (RKE) systems with immobilizers are standard in nearly all cars today, while security is a must for car access applications, and is required by insurance companies worldwide. Passive entry/go (PEG) applications offer the ultimate convenience and are well established in today’s luxury vehicles. And, as consumers demand more convenience, they are increasingly making their way into medium-class cars.

To meet these rising demands, you need cost-efficient electronic system solutions that support many applications. Since its first dedicated car access transmitter in 1997, Atmel continues to offer a wide range of devices with the highest level of security and convenience and support RKE, immobilizer, PEG and or a combination of car access features.

Atmel's latest car access products all support the Advanced Encryption Standard-128 (AES-128), an open source cryptography standard that allows interoperability between different semiconductor vendors and true peer-reviewing for maximum security. In fact, Atmel is the industry's first electronics vendor to deliver an AES-128 open source immobilizer protocol stack.

Key Features

  • Complete product offering — With Atmel, you can create your own dedicated designs whether you choose our low-power transmitter IC family, receiver IC family, or microcontroller family. Our broad product scope includes dedicated RF transmitters, receivers and transceivers, as well as integrated RF, LF, and AVR® microcontrollers to meet all your design needs. Our newest receivers offer even better integration and sensitivity to lower your application costs.
  • Highly secure solutions — Atmel's automotive safety portfolio features extremely secure PEG solutions with a bi-directional RF link and dedicated LF wake-up channel. All new Atmel car access products are based on the AES-128 encryption standard for maximum security.
  • Open standards — Atmel's open source AES-128 immobilizer protocol stack eliminates the problems that prevent car manufacturers from adopting multi-vendor sourcing strategies and gives you the freedom to choose components that best fit your needs.


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