Get Started - Drivers/High-temp ICs

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Drivers/High-Temperature ICs

Atmel high-temperature drivers operate at up to 200°C junction and 150°C ambient temperatures. They are designed to support three to six independent driver stages and currents up to 1.0 amp. Our system basis chips for high-temperature drivers are designed with Atmel 0.8-μm SOI technology SMART-I.S.™. The technology provides several advantages, such as high-temperature and high-voltage capability, small size, improved latch-up immunity, low leakage currents, and more.

The driver ICs form a BLDC motor control unit when combined with a microcontroller and discrete power MOSFETs.


High Temperature H-Bridge Motor Driver with Serial Input Control

High Temperature Triple Half-bridge Driver with SPI and PWM

BLDC Motor Driver and LIN System Basis Chip with Tjunction up to 200°C