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Li-Ion Battery Management

Optimizing Charge Cycles and Battery Life

Due to its cutting-edge characteristics, Li-ion technology is the first choice for modern high-performance batteries. Li-ion batteries are up to 30 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than conventional NiMH batteries yet store much more energy. While they offer concrete advantages in terms of size, weight, recharge speed and resistance to memory effects, Li-ion batteries do have higher cost compared to other battery types. This can be improved by using a battery management system which optimizes the battery performance. The Atmel® Li-ion battery management solution offers high accuracy analog measurement functions in combination with efficient active cell balancing ensuring optimum usage of battery capacity.

Key Features

  • Active balancing — Atmel's battery management solution is the industry's first to feature active cell balancing for high cell count Li-ion batteries to prevent energy loss.
  • Maximum safety — Highest accuracy due to simultaneous cell voltage measurement of the cells in the entire battery stack leading to precise state-of-charge and state-of health calculations.
  • Smart sensing — Atmel's smart sensing technology enables you to measure the battery voltage, current and temperature with up to 18-bit accuracy.
  • Valuable development tools — Atmel’s PC-controlled development kits help you easily build your battery management system and get the most of the battery management devices.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Extended range for electrical vehicles at lower cost

Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for hybrid vehicles
Li-Ion battery management

Replacement of 12V standard lead-acid batteries
Active cell balancing

Simultaneous cell voltage measurement
High-current active cell balancing

High-accuracy analog measurement functions