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LIN Networking

Reliable, Low-Cost Networking

Low-cost local interconnect networking (LIN) systems are used throughout the automobile in comfort, powertrain, sensor, and actuator applications.

The unique Atmel BCD-on-SOI technology combines high-voltage capability with the benefits of rugged SOI technology: high temperature resistance (T-junctions up to 200°C), excellent radiation hardness, very low leakage currents, low parasitics, high switching frequency, and latch-up immunity.

Our LIN devices operate in standard temperature environments to support roof, door, and car body sensors among others. They also perform flawlessly in very hot engine environments, up to 150°C/302°F ambient air temperatures.

The modular Atmel LIN family ranges from simple transceiver ICs to complex system basis chips with LIN transceiver and voltage regulator. At higher integration levels, The Atmel System-in-Package (SIP) solutions feature an Atmel AVR® microcontroller, LIN transceiver, voltage regulator and watchdog in a single package.

Key Features

  • High level of integration — Depending on the individual integration level, we embed a large number of functions into our Atmel LIN devices, including LIN transceiver, voltage regulator, watchdog and microcontroller, so you don’t have to add these capabilities later.
  • Broad portfolio — Atmel gives you the broadest in-vehicle networking (IVN) product portfolio on the market with modular families at all integration levels to meet diverse application requirements.
  • Proven reputation — Approval of all major car manufacturers is available.
  • Best-in-class EMI protection — The Atmel LIN IP serves as the foundation for all members of The Atmel LIN families, delivering excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.
  • Advanced application support — A broad range of development tools give you a quick start on developing, prototyping and testing new designs.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
High level of integration

Broad portfolio

Proven reputation

Best-in-class EMI protection

Advanced application support
Automotive comfort, powertrain, sensor, and actuator applications.

 BCD-on-SOI technology

High-temp resistance (T-junctions up to 200°C)