Drivers and Sensors Technologies

Atmel® advanced driver and sensor solutions enable you to create smart and differentiated designs. Our solutions allow human interfaces to be more intuitive, easy to use, and uniquely personal resulting in exceptional user experiences that will delight your customers. All these solutions are built for high-performance with low power consumption. Atmel also offers configuration options that enable you to implement chips in all kinds of applications.

  • LED Drivers — Atmel LED drivers are a system-centric, mixed-signal LED driver technology for backlighting and solid-state lighting (SSL) applications. Our newest SSL LED drivers feature a patented adaptive power control scheme, as well as correlated color temperature (CCT) compensation circuitry.
  • Digital Temperature Sensors — Selectable temperature resolutions and conversion rates, multiple critical temperature limits, fault-tolerance queuing, selectable hysteresis thresholds to account for minor temperature variances near the programmed temperature limits, and nonvolatile configuration and temperature registers to retain settings even when devices are powered off. Solutions are available that integrate Atmel’s industry leading nonvolatile memory technology to allow customers to not only store critical system temperature data but also application-specific configuration and user preference data.
  • Sensor Hub — Our maXFusion technology is also available in a standalone solution, the mXF0100, which accurately processes real-time data related to location, direction and orientation for use in handsets and tablets. In addition, you can also use a standard Atmel microcontroller, such as a low-power Atmel AVR® UC3L device integrated with your own sensor fusion code, to perform sensor fusion processing with sensors provided by our extensive range of sensor partners.