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Atmel LED Driver Backlighting for Monitors

The Atmel® family of LED drivers offers the highest integration, reducing the overall system cost and size for LED backlit monitors. Our compact, high-power 16-parallel string LED drivers feature internal current control MOSFETs that sink up to 30mA per LED string with better than 3% accuracy. They can drive up to 10 white LEDs per string, for up to 160 LEDs per device. A single pulse-width modulation (PWM) input controls the PWM period and duty cycle for all strings. These devices also offer automatic fault management of string open-circuit, short-circuit and over-temperature conditions. Faults are alerted on the FLTB pin, and fault status is optionally available through the I2C/SMBus compatible serial interface.

The LED driver IC adaptively controls the DC-DC converter that powers the LED strings using adaptive source power technology. This Atmel Efficiency Optimizer minimizes power use while maintaining LED current accuracy. A single external resistor provides the global reference current for all the LED strings. The MSL3165/67 driver operates all 16 strings in phase, while the MSL3166/68 device calculates and applies a 1/16th PWM period delay to successive strings to evenly spread the string power supply load over time.

The MSL3165 – MSL3168 drivers are offered in a wave-solder-able, 32-pin SOP package (1.27mm pin pitch) and operate over the -40°C to +105°C temperature range.


8-Channel LED Driver with Integrated Boost Controller

8-Channel LED Driver with Integrated Boost Controller and LED String Phasing

8 Phased-Channel LED Driver with Integrated Boost Controller with Video Sync

16-String White LED Drivers

16-String White LED Drivers