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Sensor Hub Partner – Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.


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Sensor Hub Expertise:  Firmware
Application:Turnkey Sensor Hub software solution with Android system software

Hillcrest Labs is the leading global supplier of software and hardware for motion-enabled products. Our Freespace® technology transforms human movement into high quality, application-ready motion information. With a decade of development and many unique patented features, products come to life with Freespace® motion.


Product Information

Name:  SH-1

Hillcrest Labs’ SH-1 sensor hub software solution includes high performance, low power sensor fusion, gesture recognition, and a range of ‘always on’ functions for context aware applications. The intelligent software stack includes our proprietary sensor fusion with power saving algorithms, gesture and context awareness features, optimized sensor drivers, and the hub/host interface with the application processor (AP). It is fully compatible with the Freespace MotionElements software bundle to enable additional context awareness and gesture recognition functions on the application processor.


Block Diagram



Sensor Fusion Performance

This demonstration highlights how the advanced sensor fusion on the SAM D20 based SH-1 sensor hub can provide new HMI functionality on mobile devices or embedded systems. Using a Nexus 10 tablet, Hillcrest Labs' Marketing Manager reveals how the SH-1 translates the 3D movements of a tablet into a view around a virtual world, as well as around an augmented reality map such as Google SkyMap.

Motion Gaming

This demonstration discusses the convergence of Hillcrest's SH-1 Software and the Atmel SAM D20 Sensor Hub Solution and its role in mobile gaming and shows viewers how a better sensor fusion can increase game design with responsiveness, accuracy, and range of controls possible for video game consoles played on mobile devices.

Context Awareness

This demo shows how motion sensors and gesture sensors can be used to provide context awareness on mobile devices and reveals how identifying whether the user is walking, running, or standing can provide a better user experience and make your smart embedded device smarter. Particular emphasis will be placed on the need for ultra-low power MCU and intelligent HMI software to ensure this functionality is 'always on.'



  • MotionEngine™ Mobile Sensor Fusion – provides unparalleled motion performance and accuracy through a range of exclusive features
  • 'Always-on' Functionality – includes software to enable context awareness and gesture recognition at low power
  • Intelligent Power Management – intelligently powers on / off sensors while without sacrificing quality of motion data output or functionality
  • Intelligent Reporting Rate Adjustment – fusion rate is controlled by sensor hub while reporting rate is dictated by the OS on the AP
  • Batching of Fused Data – batching of fused data from sensors allows AP to remain idle for longer, saving power
  • Android 4.3 Compatibility – full support for new sensor specifications and definitions in Android 4.3
  • Optimized Sensor Drivers – improved sensor drivers provide better access to data flow between the hub and sensors

Product Advantages

  • Fast Time to Market – turnkey software stack simplifies integration and shortens time to production
  • High Fusion Accuracy – proven sensor fusion software provides accurate context aware and gesture recognition information
  • Ultra Low Power – enables ‘always on’ features such as context awareness and gesture controls


Company: Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.
Address: 15245 Shady Grove Road, Suite 400,
Rockville, MD 20850 USA
Phone: +1 240-386-0600
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