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Sensor Hub Partner – LifeQ Inc.


Sensor Hub Expertise:Optical sensors (PPG), ECG, temperature, Computational Systems Biology
Application:Continuous body monitoring to measure key vitals such as HR and SpO2, enabling the calculation of a range of additional metrics such as Energy Expenditure, VO2 Max, EPOC, etc.

LifeQ combines computational systems biology and continuous body monitoring technology to create an on-demand record and predictive models of an individual's physiology and health.

Computational Systems Biology has opened a whole new application for biosensing, where, the basic data collected can now, through a combination of biology, mathematics and technology, be transformed into a range of information that enables individuals, specialists and organizations to change our approach to health.


Product Information

Name:  LifeQ

The LifeQ solution combines two technologies:

  1. The LifeQ LENS, a sensor module that can be incorporated into almost any personal electronic device (and specifically wrist worn devices), that enables continuous non-invasive monitoring of key vitals such as Heart Rate, HR Variability, SpO2 and activity.
  2. The LifeQ CORE, a set of bio-mathematical models that convert the continuous physiological data into a broad range of highly personalized and contextualised fitness, emotion, nutrition, medical and health metrics. This information is made available on-demand, to individuals, specialists and organisations to change the way we manage and understand our health.

Block Diagram

LifeQ Sensor Hub Partner Block Diagram.png



  • LENS:
    • Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Activity
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Movement compensated
    • Non-invasive
    • Atmel SAM4L/G53 microcontroller
    • Efficient power consumption
    • Multiple hardware supported, flexible reference design
  • CORE
    • Broad range of personalised health metrics:
    • Now: Calorie Burn, VO2, VO2 Max, EPOC, Overtrain, Sleep, Stress
    • Future: Blood Lactate, Temperature, Hydration, Respiratory Quotient, Glucose Range, etc.
  • Global Patents


  • Open and enabling business model
  • Global support
  • Superior accuracy
  • Broad scope of applications
  • Targeted at a broad scope of devices
  • Turnkey biosensing solution
  • Cost effective solution
  • Continuous expansion of potential


Company: LifeQ Inc.
Address: 145 Staghound Court
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone: +1-770-619-0121