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Sensor Hub Partner – Sensirion AG


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Sensor Hub Expertise:  Sensors
Application:Humidity and Temperature

Sensirion is a leading sensor manufacturer, providing relative humidity, temperature, and flow sensor solutions with unique performance. Together with our capacitive humidity and temperature sensor, the product range includes liquid flow sensors, mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, and differential pressure sensors. Using our microsensor solutions, OEM customers benefit from our proven CMOSens® Technology and excellent technical support. Among a large variety of applications, the humidity and temperature sensors are successfully used in mobile devices as well as in the consumer, automotive, and medical industry.


Product Information

Name:  SHTC1

The SHTC1 is a combined humidity and temperature sensor. Factory calibration and digital I2C output deliver an easy interface to integrate the sensor. The SHTC1 delivers top-of-the-line reliability based on Sensirion’s 15 years of experience in this field. As of 2013, the Sensirion SHTxx chips are the only humidity sensors used in mobile phones, and the SHTC1 is successfully used in flagship devices of leading mobile phone manufacturers.



Temperature and humidity sensors are used in a wide range of applications, starting from simple weather stations to complex context recognition algorithms, and covering devices ranging from wearables, large industrial systems, industrial automation, smart energy, building automation, home automation, and internet of things. This video demonstrates the SHTC1 temperature and humidity sensor board accessory with the Atmel Xplained Pro platform.



  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew Point

Product Advantages

  • Easy to use (Digital & Calibrated)
  • Available in millions today
  • Proven in mobile phones
  • Additional software Engine available to compensate for heat sources in mobile devices


Company: Sensirion AG
Address: Laubisrütistrasse 50
8712 Staefa, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 306 40 00
Product URL: