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Atmel Sensor Hub Partners

Atmel has partnered with the market-leading sensor manufacturers and sensor software providers to offer complete system solutions running on the Atmel platform. These partners offer innovative system solutions and services on the Atmel platform that will reduce time-to -market and enhance the user experience.

PartnerSensor Hub Expertise
Asahi Kasei Micro Devices (AKM)World's leading E-compass (Magnetometer) supplier, human presence detection sensor, Synthetic Gyroscope
Bosch Sensor Hub Partner LogoAccelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer (Compass), Barometric Pressure (Altimeter), Motion Sensor Fusion
CyWee Sensor Hub Partner LogoCyWee sensor hub solution includes advanced 9/10-axis sensor fusion, gesture recognition, context awareness, and in-door navigation applications
Hillcrest Labs Sensor Hub Partner LogoFreespace® Sensor Hub solution includes high performance low power sensor fusion, gesture recognition, and a range of 'always on' functions for context aware applications
Intersil Sensor Hub Partner LogoRGB Light Sensors, Ambient Light Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Integrated Proximity and Light sensor
Kionix Sensor Hub Partner LogoAccelerometer, Synthetic Gyroscope, Sensor Fusion
LifeQ Inc. Sensor Hub Partner LogoOptical sensors (PPG), ECG, temperature, Computational Systems Biology
Measurement SpecialtiesWide variety of analog and digital MEMs sensors covering: Pressure, temperature, humidity, mass air flow, force, vibration, torque, position, fluid properties, and photo optics
MEMSIC Sensor Hub Partner LogoSix and nine axis sensor solutions: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Sensor Fusion, eCompass, Inclinometer, Flow Sensor, IMU
Sensirion Sensor Hub Partner LogoEnvironmental Sensing: Humidity & Temperature, Liquid Flow, Mass Flow Meters, Mass Flow Controllers, Differential Pressure
Sensor Platforms Sensor Hub Partner LogoSensor Fusion and Context Awareness for ultra-low-power Atmel embedded platforms using accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and other sensors