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Atmel Is #1 in Parallel EEPROMs Worldwide

Atmel is the world's leading manufacturer of parallel EEPROM devices. Parallel EEPROMs enables stored data to be updated byte-by-byte or by full sector, providing design flexibility. The parallel interface devices offer high-programming endurance and data retention, as well as faster read times than serial Interface protocols. Atmel provides a complete selection of densities (64-Kbit to 4-Mbit), operating voltages, and device packages. Atmel's Battery Voltage™ (2.7V), low voltage (3V), and 5V devices are used extensively across a broad spectrum of products, including telecommunications, avionics, and military applications.

Key Features

  • Save on components — The devices are accessed like a static RAM for the read or write cycle, without the need for external components.
  • Monolithic EEPROM — Atmel offers the only 4-Mbit monolithic parallel EEPROM (AT28C010) for use in military and commercial avionics applications.
  • Extra features — The devices offer extra features that include internal error correction, an optional software data protection mechanism, and space for device identification.

Parallel EEPROM Devices

Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Byte-alterable memory

High-endurance and high-reliability

Parallel access
Direct code execution and high-reliability data storage applications such as telecommunications, avionics, military, etc.

Page buffer for page writes

Software data protection

64-Kbit to 4-Mbit

2.7V and 5V versions

PDIP, PLCC, SOIC and TSOP packages