Built for today's increasingly connected applications, Atmel 8051 USB microcontrollers offer powerful interface options that are ideal for devices like Flash recorders, cameras, and cell phones. The AT89C5131A, a popular device in this series, offers an efficient combination of features and performance. It combines 32K bytes of Flash memory, 1.2K bytes RAM, 1K EEPROM, 7 USB Endpoints, TWI, SPI, UART, and Programmable Counter Array (PCA).

The AT89C5132 is a mass storage device controlling data exchange between various Flash modules, HDD and CD-ROM. It includes 64K Bytes of Flash memory and allows In-System Programming through an embedded 4K Bytes of Boot Flash Memory.

This versatile device provides all the necessary features for man-machine interface including, timers, keyboard port, serial or parallel interface (USB, SPI, IDE), ADC input, I2S output, and all external memory interface (NAND or NOR Flash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia, and DataFlash cards).


8-Bit Microcontroller, Full-Speed USB, 8KB Memory

8-Bit Microcontroller, Full-Speed USB, 16KB Memory

8-Bit Microcontroller, Full-Speed USB, 32KB Memory

8-Bit Flash Microcontroller, Full-Speed USB Device

8-Bit Flash Microcontroller, Full Speed USB Device Specification Version 1.1 and 2.0

8-Bit Flash Microcontroller, Full-Speed USB Device, Extended Range Power Supply