Performance and Connectivity Optimized for USB Peripherals

The Atmel® | SMART SAM9R ARM926-based embedded MPU provides high throughput, optional LCD controller and touch and OS support for high-speed USB peripherals. The 480 Mbits/sec USB 2.0 Device is connected to a distributed memory and DMA architecture to prevent bottlenecks and release the CPU for the application. To meet the requirements of space-constrained applications, the SAM9R64 is available in a small footprint package. The SAM9RL64 includes LCD and touchscreen controllers, making it suitable for use as a processor in user interfaces connected over high-speed USB to a central processing unit. The evaluation kits are delivered with free packages for Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® from Atmel, and are fully supported by a worldwide ecosystem of industry-leading suppliers of development tools, operating systems and protocol stacks.

Key Features

  • Extensive Peripherals — Includes HS USB 2.0 Device, MCI/SDIO interface, UARTs, SPI, SSC, TWI, Timers, PWMs with high-drive I/Os, RTC, LCD Controller, Resistive touchscreen support.
  • Optimized Internal Data Bandwidth — Integrates a processor clock running at 240 MHz and a high data bandwidth architecture based on a 6-layer bus matrix with up to 24 DMA channels and distributed memory.
  • Small Footprint Option — 10x10mm, 0.8mm ball pitch, 144-pin BGA
  • Evaluation Kit and Comprehensive Ecosystem — Evaluation kit is supported by Microsoft Windows and Linux BSPs. Industry-leading third parties provide a full range of development tools, RTOS, middleware and support services.


ARM926EJ Embedded Microprocessor Unit, 190MHz, HS USB, 144 Pins

ARM926EJ Embedded Microprocessor Unit, 190MHz, LCD, HS USB, 217 Pins