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Extending Energy Per Cycle and Battery Life

Atmel AVR offers single-chip battery management products for Li-ion batteries. Designed to maximize lifetime and energy per cycle, they feature dedicated analog-to-digital converters tailored for battery fuel gauging and voltage monitoring.

Key Features

  • Accuracy and safety — High analog accuracy and excellent temperature stability enables the battery to deliver maximum energy, without risking damage or injury from overcharging or unsafe discharging.
  • Gas gauging for control — AVR combines hardware with proprietary software algorithms to deliver industry leading gas gauge accuracy, enabling utilization of the entire battery capacity without unplanned shut-downs.
  • Intelligent authentication — Atmel battery management devices support sophisticated authentication mechanisms to reject potentially unsafe copy batteries.


8-bit AVR Battery Management HVA Microcontroller Series with 8KB Flash, 1-2 cells in series

8-bit AVR Battery Management HVA Microcontroller Series with 16KB Flash, 1-2 cells in series

8-bit AVR Battery Management HVB Microcontroller Series with 16KB Flash, 2-4 cells in series

8-bit AVR Battery Management HVB Microcontroller Series with 32KB Flash, 2-4 cells in series

8-bit AVR Battery Management Microcontroller with 40KB Flash, 2-4 cells in series

Battery Management Devices for Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the technology of choice for today’s portable handheld applications. Atmel battery management devices let you protect and extend battery life by tracking cell voltage, current, and temperature and keep them within safe limits.

Combining the AVR microcontroller’s performance with leading-edge high-voltage technology and long-term cooperation with top battery manufacturers, Atmel has developed a full range of microcontrollers dedicated to Li-Ion battery management for 1 to 4 cells in series. Atmel’s one-chip solution minimizes the component count on the PCB, and is available in ultra small packages.

To ensure safe operation, it is critical that applications always use a certified battery pack. This requires authentication mechanisms on the battery itself. Atmel battery management products offer a unique set of features to optimize performance and security. Maximizing battery lifetime and charge per cycle is top of mind as well, to help ensure customer satisfaction. Atmel battery management products deliver outstanding voltage measurement accuracy of ±12.5 mV in the 0 to +60®C temperature range, to help customers to extend the battery energy that can be safely used between recharging.

A Complete Solution

Atmel battery management devices combine all the features and functionality you need in a single, integrated chip. Manufactured with our patented high-voltage process using picoPower design techniques, they deliver an unmatched combination of performance, flexibility, and very low power consumption. Integrated, high-accuracy analog functions ensure the maximum available energy in the batteries can be used, while keeping costs down.

Development Tools

Atmel battery management reference designs show how to get the most out of the AVR battery management devices. The firmware provides all the safety measures you need for a Lithium-ion battery design. This includes over- and under-voltage protection and protection against excessive charge and discharge currents.

The reference designs also features:

  • High-accuracy voltage and current measurements
  • Gas gauging
  • Temperature checks
  • AES-based authentication
  • SHA2-based authentication
  • Command set based on SMBus specification