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Atmel AVR

The Sensors Xplained add-on boards and software from Atmel are designed to be plug in compatible with all of the Xplained series MCU boards for Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers, providing you a wide range of controller performance depending on the needs of your application.

We have partnered with leading suppliers of Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Pressure and Light sensors to bring you a range of Sensor boards that enable easily evaluation and development with a wide range of Atmel microcontrollers. We have made these sensors available in popular combinations, as well as providing the specifications to assemble your own specific combinations as required by your application.

To accelerate your development with these sensor based solutions, we have also worked with our partners to make the necessary sensor drivers available as part of Atmel AVR Studio 5 development environment and the AVR Software Framework. The drivers are available directly from Atmel, and provide basic interface functionality with both raw data and calibrated engineering units outputs, with a standard API. Several of the suppliers have also made available higher level software functionality optimized for the AVR architecture, and available through our partners sites.


Inertial One Sensor Board: ATAVRSBIN1


The Atmel Inertial One Sensor Board delivers a full 9 degrees of freedom sensor platform comprising a 3 axis magnetometer from AKM (AK8975); a 3 axis accelerometer from Bosch (BMA150) and a 3 axis gyroscope from InvenSense (ITG-3200). Read more.


Pressure One Sensor Board: ATAVRSBPR1


The Atmel Pressure One Sensor Board delivers a platform comprising of a high precision barometric pressure sensor from Bosch (BMP085). Read more.


Inertial Two Sensor Board: ATAVRSBIN2


The Atmel Inertial Two Sensor Board delivers a full 9 degrees of freedom sensor platform, combining an accelerometer from Kionix (KXTF9), a magnetometer from Honeywell (HMC5883L) and a gyroscope from InvenSense (IMU-3000). Read more.


Atmel Light and Proximity One Sensor Board


The Atmel Light and Proximity One Sensor Board delivers two related sets of functionality. The first is an ambient light sensor solution based on an Osram Opto Semiconductors SFH7770 ALS sensor. The second leverages three Osram SFH4059 IR emitters to provide a solution for proximity detection including basic gesture recognition. Read more.



Atmel® Sensors Xplained software support is available for all the supported sensor devices. The drivers work in conjunction with the Atmel AVR® Studio 5 and the Atmel Software Framework versions 2.5 and higher.

  • Accelerate your product development with driver support for a wide range of sensor solutions integrated to the Studio 5 development environment
  • Provides a hardware independent C language interface to enable easy, flexible pairing of the ideal AVR microcontroller and your required sensor functions
  • Drivers include support for calibration and scaling of data - providing you standard unit output from sensors, along with easy configuration and initialization
  • Demonstration projects that quickly integrate software libraries and hardware definitions to accelerate your application development

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Atmel has worked with a number of industry leading sensors companies to make easily available to you a range of best in class examples of popular types of sensors. Our current list of partners includes AKM, Bosch Sensortec, Honeywell Aerospace, InvenSense, Kionix and Osram Opto Semiconductors. Details and links to additional information can be found on Atmel's Partners Page. Read more.


Third Party Boards

In addition to the Sensors Xplained top boards available from Atmel with a representative assortment of sensors, there are a number of additional boards that are now available from our sensor partners that are also compatible with the Xplain family of MCU boards.



MPU-6050 Sensor Board for Atmel AVR UC3 Microcontrollers:
A 9 degree of freedom Sensor Board featuring Invensense MPU-6050 series Motion Processing Unit, with integrated Gyroscope and Accelerometer and AK8975 Magnetometer from AKM. For additional information and ordering options, see the Invensense website.