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Atmel Single Chip Wireless Solution - ATmega128RFA1

Single-Chip Solutions

The IEEE 802.15.4-compliant Atmel® single-chip wireless solution combines the industry’s leading AVR® microcontroller and a best-in-class 2.4GHz RF transceiver to deliver the industry’s best single-chip design

The Atmel ATmega256RFR2 is the leading device in this single-chip family, as well as the most efficient device on the market. With the newest device, the family now has an expanded offering range of 64K to 256K of Flash memory, enabling you to easily scale your designs. With the introduction of the advanced hardware-assisted reduced power consumption (RPC) capability, the ATmegaRFR2 family now consumes up to 50 percent less current in some operating modes. It allows for 16MHz operation at as low as 1.8V of supply voltage and fast wake-up time from sleep mode to active modes. A variety of power-down modes, such as a wake-on-radio feature, which keeps the RF transceiver active while the microcontroller sleeps, further enhances efficiency.

Boost Your Overall System Performance
The radio interface offers a unique hardware feature set to boost the overall system performance and to support a wide range of IEEE 802.15.4-compliant applications. An antenna diversity feature enhances reliability by automatically selecting the best signal from two antennas for each incoming frame. The device supports the control of external power amplifiers for range extension. High data rate modes up to 2Mbit/s are available to support general-purpose 2.4GHz ISM applications.

A low-power single-chip design lets you implement the latest battery-driven systems, save board space, and reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs. System development is supported by the free Atmel software stacks, Wireless Composer, libraries and hardware evaluation and development kits. Older devices in the family support the Atmel QTouch® Library, making it easy to combine capacitive touch functionality with RF in a single chip.