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Enabling Unlimited Possibilities with Atmel Solutions

Atmel® offers solutions for intelligent hardware security solutions, mixed-signal customized MCUs, FPGAs, processors and programmable analog integrated onto a single chip. These products add differentiating features to the base from our Atmel AVR® and ARM® processor-based microcontroller architectures, as well as our security, analog, memory and programmable logic technologies. Find the hardware and software you need to build specific customized solutions, tailored to fit your every need. Whatever your application, we have you covered.

Hardware Security Solutions - Safeguarding Secrets at the Silicon Level

Robust data security is absolutely essential in today's information-critical business environments. But standard memories and conventional storage often don't provide enough protection. Atmel hardware security solutions set up an impregnable security perimeter at the silicon level, keeping data safe and enabling authentication that prevents fraud and cloning. Designers can choose from a rich portfolio of Atmel security integrated circuits (ICs), including hacker-proof authentication chips, encryption-secured memory chips, secure radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions, and a Trusted Platform Module for securing PCs and embedded processors.

  • LED Drivers — Atmel LED drivers are a system-centric, mixed-signal LED driver technology for backlighting and solid-state lighting (SSL) applications. Our newest SSL LED drivers feature a patented adaptive power control scheme, as well as correlated color temperature (CCT) compensation circuitry.
  • Digital Temperature Sensors — The Atmel expanding portfolio of digital temperature sensors can be used to address a variety of temperature monitoring needs in applications such as DDR4/DDR3 DIMMs, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Lithium Polymer batteries, Plasma and LCD TVs, notebook and desktop computers, Solid State Drives (SSDs), workstations and servers, digital video recorders (DVRs), energy meters, surveillance cameras, industrial controls, and various medical devices.
  • Analog Companions (PMAAC) — The Atmel PMAAC (Power Management And Analog Companion) product line offers a wide set of analog companion ICs to application processors in most popular applications.
  • Space Rad-Hard ICs — Atmel gives customers access to the latest innovative commercial technologies by adapting them to Rad-Hard applications requirements.
  • FPGA Conversion ULC — Ultimate Logic Conversion (ULC) offers a pin-to-pin drop-in replacement of your FPGA/CPLD generating immediate cost savings.
  • SPLD/CPLD — The Atmel EPLD product line comprises two major categories: simple programmable logic devices (SPLDs) and the higher density complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs).
  • Field Programmable Gate Array — The Atmel AT40KAL Series co-processor FPGAs range from 5K to 50K usable gates and are designed for high-density, compute-intensive DSP and other fast logic designs.
  • FPGA Configuration Memory — The Atmel AT17F Flash based configuration family can be used to configure low-cost SRAM FPGAs as well as higher density, high-performance FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera.