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Rad-Hard Applications

For nearly 30 years, Atmel France Aerospace, an Atmel subsidiary in France, has been a leading provider of highly integrated solutions to the aerospace industry.

Atmel France Aerospace serves the worldwide market with processors, memories and FPGAs. We are a leader in Europe for the ASIC business and a worldwide leader for the SPARC processor-based solutions, with more than 3,500 flight models delivered.

Atmel France Aerospace gives customers access to the latest innovative commercial technologies by adapting them to rad-hard applications requirements. The 180nm process is in full production, and Atmel France Aerospace is now introducing a 150nm mixed process and 65nm.

The same manufacturing lines are used to produce automotive and rad-hard devices. This dual-use approach allows highly competitive and proven, reliable solutions.

Our circuits are available in rad-hard versions that meet the stringent requirements (cumulated dose, latch-up and transient phenomena) of space applications. Design and manufacturing facilities reach international quality standards recognition and are QML-V or ESCC certified.

System integration is a challenge for all our customers and Atmel France’s offering is one of the most complete and cost-effective available on the market.


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Space-qualified standard cell libraries
Space Probe
Space Station
CMOS 0.18µm technology
CMOS 0.15µm technology
Complete rad-hard SpaceWire network



Upgraded commercial FPGA to meet space application requirements



Rationalization of part variations with respect to size and format, package, power consumption and speed



ESA LEON2 FT (Fault Tolerant) VHDL model