Programmable Logic

In today's market, cost reduction is a must to maintain competitiveness. FPGA and CPLD devices allow for quick design cycle corrections or improvements during pre-production. As soon as the design is frozen and volume production starts, cost and manufacture ability becomes the most important criteria as no one wants to pay for programmability that is not required. Atmel offers a variety of programmable solutions to fit any type of application or design.

  • FPGA Conversion ULC — Pin-to-pin drop-in replacement of your FPGA/CPLD.
  • SPLD/CPLD — The Atmel EPLD product line comprises two major categories: simple programmable logic devices (SPLDs) and the higher density complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs).
  • Field Programmable Gate Array — The Atmel AT40KAL Series co-processor FPGAs range from 5K to 50K usable gates and are designed for high-density, compute-intensive DSP and other fast logic designs.
  • FPGA Configuration Memory — The Atmel AT17F Flash based configuration family can be used to configure low-cost SRAM FPGAs as well as higher density, high-performance FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera.