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Atmel has over 30 years of experience with creating integrated solutions for the aerospace industry. The new Rad Tolerant family uses Atmel AVR® and Atmel ǀ SMART ARM® widely deployed MCUs to produce Aerospace devices using proven and industry-leading technology (core and peripherals). Compatible with the Atmel Studio development platform and commercial evaluation kits, the Rad Tolerant devices make product ramp up easy while lowering BOM and time-to-market.

Key Applications

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)
Propulsion system control
Sensor bus control
Robotics applications
Mechanisms and motor control
Power control
OBC for nano-satellites
Thermal control
Angular sensor
Sun sensor
Simple instrumentation (particle detector, radiation monitor)

Key Features

  • Benefit from the full Atmel ecosystem to ease the development phase
  • Ceramic Hermetic Package - Radiation performance improvement compare to industrial, commercial or automotive version.
    • Latch up immune with SEL LET>60 Mev, SEU and TID performances characterization
    • Space grade quality flow
      • Full wafer lot traceability
      • Space screening
      • Space qualification

Cost Effective Solutions

Most space applications are for LEO orbit missions where the level of radiation performance is less demanding than for GEO and MEO missions. Space equipment manufacturers are looking for cost effective solutions which limits the maximum development investment in order to reduce risk and time to market. The new Rad Tolerant devices from Atmel are the answer to this increasing demand.

Atmel capitalizes on its long Aerospace market experience and strong MCU/MPU portfolio to bring to the space industry AVR and ARM devices with radiation performance improvement, a quality flow according to space grade and hermetic packages.

These Rad Tolerant solutions can also target more general aerospace applications like class A and B avionic critical cases where single event radiation impact is a key issue. A non-hermetic, plastic version can be proposed in this kind of application with the appropriate quality flow.


1M x 1 Space FPGA Configuration EEPROM. Compatible with AT40K and ATF280 FPGA families.

Space 128K x 8 Paged Parallel EEPROM

Rad-Tolerant 128K x 8 Very Low Power CMOS SRAM

Rad-Tolerant 8K x 8 Very Low Power 5V CMOS SRAM

AVR® ATmega128 MCU for Space applications with hermetic ceramic package, extended temperature range, and space grade.