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We'll tell you all you need to know to start evaluating and working with this product.

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To get started you need to have Software tools, Hardware tools, maybe samples and documentation.

To get the tools, navigate to the applicable device page, to the Tools tab. Here you see the recommended tools for this device, both software and hardware tools.


Get the Software Tools
Most tools require software to get started. If applicable for this device, you’ll find the software in the list. Click on the link, go to the software tools page, and the files will be downloadable there. Or you can check out all of our development tools and software.

Get the Hardware Tools
If you need hardware tools in addition, find the applicable tool in the list, click on the link and go to the Tools detail page. If distributors have this tool in stock, you’ll see a link Check Distributor Inventory.

Note that the Distributor Inventory check is NOT exhaustive. Your distributor may have this tool in stock, even if this link does not show up. You can find your local distributor contact by selecting your country.

Get Samples
If not included in the hardware tools, you may need samples to work on. You can also request samples.

Get Documentation
Get the most out of your microcontroller with the free application notes and datasheets containing detailed and application specific information. Here you can get quick-start guides, migration notes, design considerations, peripheral drivers, and other useful code examples. Relevant application notes can be found in the device page, in the tab Documentation.  Or you can use  the document search tool.

Get More Help
Support is available when you need it!