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Hardware-based Security Solutions for Every System Design

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Explore ATSHA204A, ATAES132A, and ATECC508A Crypto Element Devices

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A Crypto Element Device Family with Ultra-secure Hardware-based Key Storage

CryptoAuthentication Devices Keep it Real
Atmel CryptoAuthentication crypto element devices with hardware-based key storage ensure that a product, consumables it uses, firmware it runs, accessories that support it, and the network nodes it connects to are not cloned, counterfeited, or tampered with. Keeping products real helps maintain an OEM revenue flow by ensuring that only legitimate products can work in the host system and not used beyond their expiration.

Atmel offers the industry's widest selection of authentication devices featuring hardware-based key storage and cryptographic countermeasures that can fight off even the most aggressive attacks. Because attackers cannot see secret keys that are stored in protected hardware, they cannot attack.

CryptoAuthentication Devices Make It Easy
CryptoAuthentication devices support modern cryptographic standards. They work with any MCU, are extremely cost-effective, require only a single GPIO, and use very little power. Additionally, they operate over a wide voltage range and come in exceptionally small packages. Advanced protocols like ECDSA sign-verify (asymmetric authentication) and ECDH (key agreement in encryption/decryption settings) are built-in which makes adding sophisticated security easy.

CryptoAuthentication Devices Make it “Real Easy”
Cryptography is mathematically complex and highly detailed with many standards, algorithms, processes, definitions, and methodologies. Since Atmel does the hard cryptographic engineering there is no need to be a crypto expert. As a result, it is real easy to add robust security to digital systems.

CryptoAuthentication Use

  • Secure Download and Boot – Authenticate and protect code in-transit
  • Ecosystem Control – Ensure only authorized OEM and licensed nodes
  • Anti-cloning – Prevent identical BOM and stolen codes
  • Message Security – Authentication, data integrity, and confidentiality of network/IoT nodes

Key Features

  • Cost-effective Symmetric and Asymmetric Authentication Solutions
  • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2), Advance Encryption Standard (AES), and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Built-in ECDSA and ECDH Protocols
  • Ultra-secure Hardware-based Key Storage
  • High Quality Random Number Generators (RNG)
  • Active Shield Over the Entire Device
  • Common Serial Interfaces
  • Tamper Monitors
  • Tiny Packages
  • And more…


Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Fast authentication

Easy key management

Clone prevention

Home and Building Automation

Controlled access

Industrial control

Mobile accessories


White Goods

Limited use keys for consumables
1MHz I2C Interface

Single wire interface

256 bit key size
Authentication plus Encryption in a single protocol
Medical data

Industrial control

Secure telecom

Controlled Access

High endurance counters
1MHz I2C Interface

SPI interface
Authentication without the requirement for secure storage in the host

No requirement for high speed computing in client devices
Industrial networking

Industrial control

Secure telecom

Home and Building Automation

Mobile accessories


Temperature sensor


Limited use keys for consumables
1MHz I2C Interface

Single wire interface