Turnkey asymmetric solution requiring no secure storage in the host

The Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) members of the Atmel® CryptoAuthentication™ family of high-security hardware authentication devices feature a state-of-the-art SHA-256 hash engine and Elliptic Curve hardware accelerator. They also include an EEPROM array that can be used for storage keys, miscellaneous read/write, read-only or secret data, consumption logging, and security configuration. Access to the various sections of memory can be restricted in a variety of ways and then the configuration locked to prevent changes.

The validation of an ECC-equipped accessory does not require secure storage in the host, the host requires only storage of a public key. However, the software to implement the ECC algorithm with a reasonable key size can be large and take a long time to execute. All Atmel ECC devices include a host mode to provide fast and fully-tested Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) computation plus a secure location to store the public keys in a manner such that they cannot be changed.

The chips feature a wide array of defensive mechanisms specifically designed to prevent physical attacks on the device itself or logical attacks on the data transmitted between the device and the system. Hardware restrictions on the ways in which keys are used or generated provide further defense against certain styles of attack. All devices are also equipped with secure personalization features to facilitate third-party product manufacturing.

Each device ships with a guaranteed unique serial number. Using the cryptographic protocols supported by the device, a host system or remote server can prove that the serial number is both authentic and not a copy. Without a hardware security device, serial numbers are often stored in a standard Serial EEPROM but these can be easily copied, and there is no way for the host to know if the serial number is authentic or if it's a clone.


Elliptical Curve asymmetric key authentication solution with EEPROM